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Where the fandoms are made up and the pronunciation doesnt matter.

Ridiculous, everyone knows it’s not jif.

The guy who made it says it’s pronounced Jif and i love Jif peanut butter.

I pronounced it as jif before the creator of the gif file told everyone it was pronounced jif.

Jif makes no sense. The g in gif stand for a word that’s pronounced with a g sound so why the hell would it be jif?!

G’s can make J sounds.  like in “digital”, “Gel”, “Sage” and countless others, so it’s perfectly okay to pronounce gif as jif.  plus, the incorrect pronunciation seems a bit harsh to me. 

Except that the ‘g’ in GIF stands for “graphics”, which most definitely has the “g” sound and not the “j” sound… 

i’m thinking that the maker is just sitting back and laughing at us as we argue

If he really wanted to mess with us, he should say it’s pronounced “gif” now and deny saying “jif”

They’re different characters, but they’ve both got to be the Doctor. It’s the same character, but it’s not. It’s a tricky one, because with Rose, at the end, you want to feel that she is left with the person that she loves, but also that she isn’t. It’s quite a subtle, ambiguous ending for Rose.

David Tennant on filming Journey’s End as both the Metacrisis and (full) Time Lord Doctor (DWM 398). 

”..are they two distinct performances? Well, slightly. There are different thought processes going on. And I’ve underlined them in different colours in the script, which is a big deal. It shows I mean business!”

(via allegoricalrose)

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